Sunday, March 28, 2010

Leh Palace - Sketch

Leh Palace : Pencil : 12 X 10 inches
Click on the image for a larger version

Well, I wanted to do a watercolour today and decided on taking a shot at the Leh Palace, or what's left of it, rather. As always, I started with a sketch and when I finished it I decided that I might as well leave it at that.

What does one look for in art? The finished work or the joy of 'creation' ? I found joy in 'creating' this sketch and I am afraid I might kill it by taking this subject to the next level - a painting that is.

Or am I scared that I might not get good results with the same subject in watercolour. Yes perhaps. Your greatest enemy is yourself, eh ?

Crystal, have I let you down ?


  1. Beautiful sketch! And I recognize those feelings and fear about art and creating! working through it such personal journey-- go ahead and take that step - paint on a separate paper using use sketch as the reference :)

  2. Nice sketch.. By the way you must always paint separately as Meera suggested. This can be your reference..

  3. The sketch is really nice. Everything seems correct about it. I think it deserves to be made into a painting though. I am sure you will make it into a good one. Best wishes.

  4. I LOVE this Sujit!!! It is amazing, and I'm so glad you left it as a sketch, but I know you would make it a beautiful painting too.

    But there's power in this sketch, I love the energy. I am so drawn to sketches, I love them and your line work and compostition is excellent!

    You absolutely have not let me down! You have amazed me!

    And you are completely right about the joy of creation. That's what art is all about, I think. And I don't think you would kill it, you would make it a stunning painting! But I know how you feel, I'm always thinking that too, afraid that the next brushstroke will what I'm working on!

    Excellent work! Now you have inspired me!

  5. I meant to say 'will ruin what I'm working on' not 'will what I'm working on'

    Yikes, that's some bad typing!