Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lonely at the top

Lonely at the top : Watercolour : 15 X 11 inches
Click on the image for a larger version

Have been toying the idea of doing something of this kind for a while now. This was a joyful experience and provided cartloads of lessons to learn. I guess the guy would've loved it if I had let him be a not so muddy wash. Anyway, the possibility of a mountaineer series is lurking around :)

Before I forget, do you know that not just Mt. Rushmore, but all mountains have faces? Well here's the proof. Look (closely) at the dark piece of rock on the left of this sketch.

I am sure you think I planned it that way. But I swear that it just took that shape and I hadn't noticed it until I had finished the sketch.

Well, isn't art full of glorious surprises ?

fine print :: the distant range of mountains that exist only in the painting is camouflaging a dirty back run beneath it !

Edit :

On second thoughts, the dark portion to the left seems to be throwing the composition off balance. Here's a cropped version which looks far more pleasing to me. Guess, that rock got too dark. Some flakes of snow on it would've helped, eh ? Does that call for a second attempt ?


  1. Well, this painting gives the true feeling of mountaineering and cold. The color of sky adds to it! I liked the pencil sketch version more! They both (Pencil and Colored )have their own importance...Beautiful!!

  2. I did not notice the camaflouage that you have talked about in 'fine print' really. :)
    Anyways its a very good attempt. For me the pencil sketch was really good (I tend to like sketches a little more).
    I think a little more balance in the painting would have made it perfect.

  3. Wow, it's just beautiful Sujit! I feel like I come over here and do nothing but gush about your paintings! But really I love it, the sky is amazing. And I didn't notice your camouflage either. But I didn't see the sketch. How did I miss that? I'll go look for it :)

  4. This is stunning man!
    The colours and their transitions in the sky are so fresh and fascinating. And I agree with others that but for the fine print no one would have known of the back runs!

  5. Thanks Megha. I wouldn't surprise you if I'd admit that I like the sketch more than the painting, would I ?

    Prabal, You are right about the compositional balance.I tried to correct it a bit by cropping off the dark portion on the left. Does that make it any better?

    Crystal, thanks for being the greatest motivator ever. BTW, I hadn't posted the sketch. Its only a link in the post. Did you by any chance notice that face on the rock?

    Thanks Vinayak. The lower portion had dried while I was painting the sky and I decided to rewet that part while the sky wash was still dripping wet. The other thing I did at the same time was lay the board flat (as opposed to slanting) which caused the wetness to spread into the sky resulting in a nasty back run. I fiddled with it a bit and managed to salvage the painting I'd say.

    The end justifies the means, doesn't it ?

  6. Sujit,
    Thanks for considering my 4 ana feedback. Its aswesome now.. Internet is a great place.. aint it. We learn so much from each other..

  7. Greatest motivator ever?! Thanks *beams*! You too :)

    And yeah I just saw the sketch, sheesh I'm blonde sometimes! I totally missed that the first time.

    I do see the face, that's so cool! I really love your sketches.

  8. The sky is amazing! Would have liked the bottom right mountain to be more muted as its in the background.