Friday, March 19, 2010

The Summit

The Summit : Watercolour : 15 X 11 inches
Click on the image for a larger view

Here's what I brought back from a painting trip to the Himalayas. Kidding :)

Jokes apart, This was inspired by accounts of Himalayan expeditions that I have been reading lately. I enjoyed doing this one especially since I only had to reach out for two colours.

Your comments, crtiques and suggestions please. Thanks


  1. Superb as usual! I can feel the cold waves..Well done with the shades and the two people standing over there are really having a gr8 time..Isn't it? :)

  2. Very beautifully done. Limited pallette works so well for you. Have you seen similar paintings of Prafull Sawant? You will surely love them.

  3. Lovely painting, simply beautiful..

  4. nice limited palette.
    liked all you paintings !

  5. Really beautiful painting. You did this from your imagination? I love it. Just using two colors looks great. I love doing that too, sometimes my brain needs a break like that :)

    I think the sky is very well done, the washes are lovely and free. And the mountain looks chilly, you've captured that feeling well. Very nice work.

  6. Sencilla y limpia su técnica, me gusta su obra.
    Saludos cordiales.