Thursday, April 1, 2010

Portrait - Hurray

Eeyore : Watercolour : 15 X 11 inches
Click on the image for a larger version

I have never painted portraits. I've always thought that I have not been wired for it. Fellow bloggers Crystal and Vinayak have always amazed me with their portrait painting skills. Crystal seems to be able to churn out one stunning portrait after the other and Vinayak does those dramatically lit portraits in oil. Well, I guess I had no choice but to derive inspiration from them.

But then, the only time I attempted a portrait was a pencil sketch of a person, several years ago and it turned out to be a cross between a chimp and an alligator. Learning from that experience I decided to choose a model who wouldn't complain and that's when Eeyore came by. He usually spends time in the neighbourhood of the living room sofa, doing nothing and was more than happy to pose.

I must admit that he's an artist's delight and has the uncanny ability to stay absolutely still through long painting sessions. I suggest you guys hire him too.

Tell you what? I have decided to be proud of the fact that my first ever portrait painting was done from life. LoL.

Your thoughts, comments, critiques and suggestions please. Thank you.

If you are a sketch freak, here's what led to this painting.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I just love it! I'm SO proud of you that you painted him from life, it looks great, I think I'm in love with him!! Always had a sweet spot for Eeyore :)

    I think I might look into hiring him! You should be so proud, it's a wonderful painting. Love, love, love the colors and fluidity (I think that's a word) of the paint.

    And a chimp and an alligator? I bet it looked nothing like that, you are too harsh on yourself. You should see my first attempt. . . Yikes!

    My son just discovered Winnie the Pooh and is border line obsessed with it, he would love this!
    He's just a year and a half old.

    Seriously I think it's great and I don't see anything to improve on. I can feel your hand in this and that my friend, is the highest compliment I can give you. Now I must conclude this epic comment before I ramble on anymore :)

    And thanks for what you said about me :) You are too kind :) :)

  2. Great write up man.. You are 10% writer too. :)
    And great attempt at portrait painting too. ;)

  3. Crystal,
    Thanks a ton. Your words instill confidence in me, all the time - to say the least. I guess I can never thank you enough.

    Did you get a chance to show it to your son? Does he like it? My five year old daughter likes it so much that Eeyore has already found a place in her room.

    I am sick and so I don't know if I will paint anything at all today. Anyway, its your turn to amaze me now :)

    Thanks for calling me a writer :). My father keeps saying that when I do too many things, I end up doing none right!

  4. Sujit, you're welcome. :) :)

    I showed my son and he said "Eeyore!" right away! And then he started giggling. He loved it too. He's so into pointing out the characters, he knows all their names, so he was excited to see this.

    Sorry you're sick :( But I guess I'll be ok without a daily dose of your beautiful work *pouting*

    And I am working on something, but not ready to show it yet, it's at an ugly stage. You have inspired me to sketch more too, so look for that this week! Hope you get feeling better soon :)

    And from your list of all the things you do, it looks to me like you do all of them right. Your photos are just gorgeous too.

  5. Lovely work man! I am sure Mugdha loved it, just as we all did. So did you give oils a try?

  6. What a great idea for a first time portrait painted from life. Good job!

  7. Thanks for leaving comments. Nice portrait! It's great to see the vast assortment of artists out there on the web. Take care.

  8. Sujit, :) :) :) Thank you friend, more than I can say.

    Now I've left three comments on this one post!! That means you must get painting or sketching so I don't look like an idiot anymore, as soon as you get better that is :)

    Really thank you, I just can't say it enough :)
    You are all those things as well, x's 2

  9. I am a sketch freak and that is one fine sketch! I can't imagine what Eeyore thinks about wearing a doll's sweater...that's enough to make a guy like him want to disappear into a gorse patch!