Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Morning Light

Morning Light : Watercolour : 15 X 11 inches
Click on the image for a larger view

I tend to use pigments straight out of the tube very often which results in my palette being kind of imposing. When I started to paint this morning I set myself the goal of achieving a cool-ish palette which would be soothing to the eye ( well, at least mine). I also wanted to create some soft and loose effects that's only possible in watercolour. I guess, I have achieved what I aimed for to a large extent.

The composition is not original. Its based on a painting that I came across on the internet ( can't remember whose). I wouldn't call it a copy because I did not copy. I made a sketch based on that painting and painted this one my way.

Your thoughts, comments, suggestions and critiques please. Thank you.


  1. Sujit,
    I think this is your usual style and palette which is very good. Definitely there are more soft edges in this one. If you want to see use of colors that are straight out of tube search for Alvaro Castagnet and you'll see magic.

  2. Wow man! This is lovely. Realy nice and bold. I think just a little bit of detail in front of the tree should have helped the perspective, but I am not sure. Colours are nice and the overall fresh effect too.

  3. What the heck I just wrote a comment and then, poof! It disapeared! Anyways. . .

    Okay so I have been browsing through your blog (I'm no stalker, honest:)) and I don't get why you are not happy with your work. Every painting and sketch is BEAUTIFUL and FRESH and just filled with so much LIFE! You are so talented. Seriously. And I'm not just saying that cuz we're friends :)

    I love this painting. It has all those things I just listed. Really beautiful work. Just amazing. I don't see anything wrong with your colors. I like it, I can immediately tell you painted this.

    And I agree that Alvaro Castagnet is magic! Go look him up, you probably already know who he is, his work is inspiring.

  4. Oh, and I wanted to ask you why you love to paint the Himalayas so much. Just curious.

  5. Sujit, very nice work, I love the colors you use, it make me feel fresh sensation.

  6. Thanks Prabal. Well yes, it has to be my usual style. There's not much I can do without it :) All I attempted in this painting was to mix cooler greens and blues.

    You're right about Castagnet. I've been a big fan of his.


    Thanks very much. Like you, I am not sure if I should add detail to the foreground or not. At some point the thought of adding some foreground stones/rocks crossed my mind. But then, I told myself that this was looking good and I wouldn't spoil it. I thought the bush to the right was doing the job of pushing the main tree to the middle ground. Maybe I am wrong.

    I guess I will leave this one as it is. The next time I work on a similar subject I shall try to incorporate your suggestion.


    Blogger does act strange at times. Its a pity that you lost all that you had typed.

    Happy to know that you liked this one. It has ended up being one of my personal favourites too. I attempted to add elements and expressions that I like in works of artists that I admire.

    I wasn't trying to say that I am unhappy with my work. I started with watercolours only a few years ago and my work hasn't allowed me to paint at a stretch for more than three months. Each time I stop and start I would find myself back at the beginner's level. But, have I made any improvement? Yes. If I were to show you my first few paintings you'd probably never come back to my blog :)

    I am happy with the progress I've been making. But at times, when you look at the work of other artists ( the one named Cook, who lives in Utah, for instance) you get the feeling that there's room for so much of improvement. Well, that's how it should be because otherwise you stop learning and stagnate. So all I am trying to do is to improve my work. I am happy with what I do. I enjoy it thoroughly - more so due this crazy blogosphere :)

    Talking of the Himalayas, I'm not sure why but something about those mountains captivates me. I never get tired of drawing or painting them. My dream is to be able to have a whole series of paintings on the Himalayas.

    Thanks for the visit and for the encouraging comment.

  7. Hey Sujit! I was on the computer when I saw you left a comment and then thought of something. i hope I didn't offend you with what I said. Because I am the exact same way, always super critical of everything I do, feeling like it's never good enough. I guess I just wanted to show you all the beauty I see in your work so you wouldn't feel like I do. Does that make any sense?

    And you are far too kind with your compliments about my work, I have much to improve on. But I thank you for it just the same. Your comments always help lift me up, thank you. :)