Friday, April 9, 2010

As high as it gets

As high as it gets : Watercolour : 15 X 11 inches
Click on the image for a larger view

I decided to have a go at Mt. Everest and here's the result. I guess I've been strongly influenced by paintings of mountains and peaks that I keep looking at all the time. I enjoy painting them as much as mountaineers enjoy scaling them!

Isn't painting is a little like climbing a mountain. There are those flat surfaces in which you feel at ease. And there are ascents that you have to work really hard to scale. When you think all's fine, down comes an avalanche sweeping you off your feet and throwing you downhill. And all you can do then is gather your gear and set out again. This cycle goes on and on till someday you find yourself at the pinnacle. That's about it :)

Your thoughts, comments, critiques and suggestions please. Thanks.

Trivia : Mt. Everest used to be called Deodungha (Holy Mountain) in parts of northern India before it was (re)christened after Colonel Sir George Everest who was the Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843. Sir Everest was against the idea of naming the peak after him since he thought that the natives wouldn't be able to pronounce the name and that it was difficult to write 'Everest' in Hindi.


  1. Lovely painting. I liked the darks very much. You are on a roll :)

  2. --definitely no avalanche here other than of sweeping beauty! I like the play of light and dark.

  3. Good once again.. Just feel the sky could have got a graded wash for depth..

  4. Very nice Sujit! I like this blue sky and the hard and soft parts of the mountain.

  5. That is a beautiful painting!! It's so majestic, I don't know if it's the perspective or what, but I feel the power in this mountain. I REALLY love your shadows, so fluid, all the colors work really well together. You are on a roll! It's great Sujit :)

  6. And no, I wasn't offended I thought it was kind of funny actually :)

  7. Man this is lovely. You seem to be pretty close to the pinnacle to me. This is going to be my next wallpaper. The colours and freshness are excellent, and so is the flow and diffusions.

  8. Rajeev,
    Thanks very much. You are being very kind.

    Thanks Meera.

    The reason why I left the sky flat is because I thought everything else in the painting was kind of 'busy'. But I guess, you are right. Will keep you suggestion in mind the next time.

    Thanks Laura. I am glad you like it.

    I hope you (and the kids) are feeling better. Thanks a ton for calling this one majestic. It gives me a sense of achievement :). As always, I am inspired.

    Thanks Vinayak. Wallpaper? I guess that's the greatest compliment this painting can ever get.

  9. Sujit, since you were dropping by on my blog, I thought I would check you out. I tought with the camera in your profile photo that you are a photographer. Your watercolors are really lovely!! You didn't tell me you are a watercolorist. I will be following you now :)

  10. Dear Sujit,

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