Thursday, April 8, 2010

From Behind

From Behind : Pencil : 12 X 10 inches
Click on the image for a larger view

What do you do when you are going through a bad patch with your brushes? Turn to women; I mean to your pencils :). I did this one to ease me out of the spree of failures that I had with watercolours yesterday. I am happy with the result. It does bring back my confidence.

Your thoughts, comments, critiques and suggestions please. Thanks.


  1. Why are you so strict with yourself...You are doing a great job! keep painting and keep your spirits high! I want to see more of your water color paintings...

  2. Nice and fluid...good sketch!

  3. Hi, you might want to read Danny Gregory: Creative License. He set you free.
    How to be good to yourself, how to handle mistakes, how to push barriers gently away... etc.
    No, I am not his publisher :-) and he did not ask me to promote his book.
    I am just one of his reader and he saved me from the critical part of me.
    And what I found is better, than my critical part ever had imagined.
    You might want to be good to yourself... Love and Blessings

  4. Okay, um that is just plain GORGEOUS!!! And you are funny, women, ha!
    It's a masterpiece! Truly it is. You should draw the figure more often, you have a gift. You really captured her grace. I LOVE it.

  5. First of all there seems to be a problem with your blog. It just shows an error sometime and just does not let me write comments..

    But anyways now I am bale to write..

    About the last post - I keep going through those phases. And to come out of it I just sketch.. pencil, pen, watercolor etc.. Just sketch for sometime.. And guess what I have been actually in the same 'phase' and doing just sketches right now. I'll post them sometime..

    I am scared to do figures.. You have done a great job..

  6. Thanks Megha. Well, not being strict but just setting myself high standards.

    Thanks Arti.

    Thanks for the visit and for that piece of advice. Guess I shall get myself a copy of that book :)

    Thanks yet again. Hope the part about women didn't offend you. Was just trying to be funny :). No pun intended at all :):).

    Thanks for those kind words. I rarely do figure drawings. But this one has given me a shot in the arm. I shall take your advise and work on more of them.

    You call it a 'gift'. I can't tell you how good that makes me feel.


    Sorry about the issues that you run into with my blog, and thanks a ton for being good enough to support me in spite of that. Like you said sketches are a good way to loosen yourself up and get back into the groove.

  7. This is quite good man
    Is this from memory or from some reference?