Saturday, April 10, 2010


Annapurna-II : Watercolour : 15 X 11 inches
Click on the image for a larger view

Annapurna is a series of peaks in the Himalayas. I've always held a deep fascination for the Himalayan mountain ranges and I never get tired of sketching or painting them. The peak you see in the painting is Annapurna-II, the second among the six peaks along the massif. The Annapurna peaks are among the world's most dangerous to climb, with a fatality rate of more than 40%.

What drew me to this scene was how the peak seemed to emerge out of the clouds and the mist. The shadow washes are a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Light Red with a touch of Cobalt Blue. For some reason the image has supersaturated blues as opposed to a warmer tone in reality.

Your thoughts, comments, suggestions and critiques please. Thanks.

Trivia : Annapurna literally translates to 'Full of Food" but the meaning of the word is "The Goddess of Harvest/Food."


  1. Wow! You are going from strength to strength. The cloud effect at the bottom of the painting is fascinating. I think I am going to change my wallpaper now to this one! You shall soon be known as the "peak expert"!

  2. I love how you captured the look of the clouds and the mist. Your washes are just PERFECT!! You know one of the things I love about your paintings is that they are NEVER overworked. They're always so fresh and your brushstrokes are dead on. It's beautiful! Just when I think what you've posted is my favorite, the next day you post something that becomes my new favorite :) :)

    40%!!! Yikes! Are you a climber?

    Every time I hear

  3. Vinayak,

    Thanks very much:). Peak expert! LoL. I just love painting mountains.


    How are the you and the kids doing?

    Thanks a ton. Your words make me feel like I am really very good at this. It does lots to my confidence ( and self esteem). And no, I am not a climber, just a mountain enthusiast :)

    I guess something went wrong with my blog while you were keying in your comments. It looks incomplete. Did you lose some of what you typed?

  4. nicely done and second what Vinayak has commented above

  5. Hi Sujit, we are feeling much better. But my two youngest are still down. It hit them hardest. Poor little guys :(

    You should feel really good at this because YOU ARE :) :)

    I was going to say that every time I hear Annapurna I think of that Julia Roberts movie "Runaway Bride" when Richard Gere is trying to get her to break up with her fiance and yells at her "You do not want to climb Mt. Annapurna!!" Which shows the extent of all my mountain knowledge. One little bit from a chick flick :) How lame is that? lol :)

  6. Crystal,

    LoL. I have always been a mountain enthusiast. I bet some of my mountain mania is going to rub off on you and you'll soon start to post paintings of Annapurna :)

    Good to know you guys are better. Hope the little ones get well soon.

  7. Magic mountain! especially in clouds you painted. Thank you for wonderful trip to Himalai!

  8. they are all superb paintings ,I am an artist and do visit my