Sunday, April 11, 2010


Annapurna-I : Watercolour : 15 X 11 inches

Here's an attempt at Annapurna-I, the first among the peaks along the Annapurna series of the Himalayas. Painting these mountain peaks have been a satisfying experience. I guess I will continue to work on the Himalayas for a while.

The foreground was done with some wet in wet washes with hardly any detail, so that the peak itself would grab all the attention. Has that worked?

Your thoughts, suggestions, critiques and comments please. Thanks.

Trivia : A French expedition reached the Annapurna-I summit in June, 1950. For the next three years Annapurna-I remained the highest point on earth to be set foot on by man, until Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed all the way up to the top of the world in May, 1953.


  1. Ohh, indeed your idea has worked. This seems to be even better than Annapurna II (which I thought would remain usurpassed). REally outstanding man! I so look forward to seeing all the peaks in the series. I wont be surprised if soon we would be arranging a show your paintings.
    Great work!

  2. I second what Vinayak said :) Your idea totally worked!! I LOVE your sky, and yeah just everything about it! I really like the suggestion of detail you have in the mountain. Sometimes that can be hard to pull off, but you do a really great job at that! Don't you think it's amazing how much your work grows, even if it's just to your own eyes, when you paint every day? I love that, today I'm back to painting, hopefully :)

    I'm glad to see this rise in confidence in you :) :) Very beautiful work once again.

  3. Vinayak,

    Thanks man. You are being very kind. Thanks for encouraging me to paint.


    Happy to know that you will get back to painting today.

    Thanks very much for your comments. You are right about my confidence. And you know better than anyone else whom I should thank for that :).

    I don't know if my work's been improving. But ever since I entered the blog world, I've felt the urge to paint everyday. I hope I can keep the momentum going. Do you think I should move on to other subjects to avoid falling into a Himalayan trap ?

  4. You're work is improving, because you are working at it every day. It can't help but grow. Everything you have posted is beautiful, but I can see more confidence in your work, it shows. I think it's the kind of confidence that comes from proving to yourself that you can do this. At least that's how it feels to me.

    And I think you should paint what moves you. I ask myself the same thing, a LOT. But you have strong feelings for the Himalayas so I think you should continue to paint them until you don't feel that push anymore. And if you are worried about falling into a trap (which I do too, in fact I was just there, that's why I did those two paintings of my nieces. And I took a little blow to my self confidence for it.) I would say use your sketchbook to explore other options. Sketching different things gets me excited to paint different things. And when I feel that then I know I'm ready to try a new painting. And I know how you feel about sketching :) Just a suggestion :)

  5. Crystal,

    You are not only my motivator but also a guiding light :). I guess you are right. I not only feel the urge to paint everyday but also feel confident of success. Like you said, I will scale the Himalayas for a while and then move on to the Alps and the Andes perhaps :). Jokes apart, I guess I shall go on till I enjoy painting mountains and stop when I get bored of them, if ever.

    Did you say that your confidence slumped? I thought those paintings of your nieces where top class. Also, all it takes is a look at that majestic horse for your self confidence to spring back, right?

  6. It certainly did work. The peak is unmistakably the focal point. Very nice.