Monday, April 12, 2010

Snow Capped

Snow Capped : Watercolour : 22 X 15 inches

Here's one more all the way from the Himalayas. The sky ended up being completely different from what I had planned for. I did this one a brand of paper that I am not used to. It appeared not so heavy but I risked not stretching it, which turned out to be a blunder. As soon as I wet the paper to lay the sky wash the paper buckled and formed crests and troughs. And when the wash was laid, the pigment settled in unexpected places creating this bizarre sky :)

I seem to like the result. Just that it was not planned this way. Another of those happy accidents, eh? However, I am not completely satisfied with this one. Guess I'll take a while to adjust to this paper.

Your comments, critiques, thoughts and suggestions please. Thanks.

Trivia : Mt. Everest, years after its first ascent, still attracts mountaineers like a magnet. They climb it "because it's there." A Spanish team has ridden motorcycles up it. Japanese mountaineer, Yuichiro Muira skied down it. This feat led to the making of a documentary film titled 'The man who skied down Everest.'


  1. Looks like not stretching the paper worked out nicely, even if not as you intended. This is a nice painting, the mountain looks great.

  2. It looks great Sujit! I like the sky.

  3. I missed quiet a lot it seems. The series has been great.. In the last two paintings the sky has been very good. Some famous artist has said.. "Sky is like the eye of a painting. It gives the painting a character." Ans surely the sky in this and last painting have given it the caharchter.

  4. Thanks Michelle for those kind comments.

    I like the sky too. It was an accident. But I like it. Thanks!

    I am glad you like my 'recent skies'. Thanks for the encouraging comments.

  5. Sujit I think the sky looks great! As for stretching, I don't stretch my paper at all ( too lazy!)I think this is a great painting and the pigments of the sky give a perfect backdrop to the snow capped mountains.

  6. This a beautiful work. Great mountains and of course the skies are beautiful.

  7. Thanks Arti. I am lazy too :)

    Thanks very much Rishi.

  8. I love your works so much! Could sit and watch... Fantastic!