Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mountains all over

Mountains all over : Watercolour : 22 X 15 inches

What happens when you paint mountains after mountains after mountains? You end up creating new :). This one came right out of my imagination. Wasn't too sure if it would work. Gave it a shot nevertheless. After all, it just paper :)

Some not so pleasing shapes in the sky ended up being those peaks in the background.

Your thoughts, comments, critiques and suggestions please. Thanks


  1. It worked. Your mountains look great. The highlights and shadows, the shapes, the dimension - it all looks fantastic!

  2. Hard to believe this is painted from imagination!! You did a nice job. My good wishes :)

  3. The soft warm light captured on the mountains is the best part of this painting.. And the distant peaks actually add to the painting.. This the best of the mountain series for me because of the light..

  4. Sujit! It looks great! I'm pretty impressed that you painted this from you're imagination. You really are a master of mountains.

    The colors are beautiful and like Prabal said, I love the light. Excellent work! You're making so much progress.

  5. Imagination or not...this one looks good!!!

  6. Michelle,
    Thanks for the kind comments

    Your are right. Hard to believe that I pulled it off :) Thanks very much.

    Thanks Prabal. That's quite a compliment.

    Master of mountains? That's a long way to go :). But I guess I am beginning to get the hang of it. Thanks for the appreciative comments:)

    Thanks Sandeep.

  7. Bravo, superb watercolor, do not doubt your potential! You have a gift for watercolor just waiting to blossom, greeting and encouragement ...