Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The road uphill

The road uphill : Watercolour : 22 X 15 inches

One more from the mountain series. I added a figure for scale. Did that work? Also tried a different colour scheme this time, just to avoid monotony.

I have to improve upon my figure drawing. The guy in this painting is not as convincing as I wanted him to be. Well, something to focus on.

Your comments, critiques, thoughts and suggestions please. Thanks.


  1. The sky is painted very well..Overall, the painting came out nicely!

  2. The sky is beautiful in this one, to.I like the mixing of colors here.

  3. You are going to become a Phd in painting snow capped mountains I think.. Keep it up..

  4. Sujit - I think your guy in the painting is convincing. Looks just like a guy wearing a backpack. Another nice painting.

  5. I really love your color scheme in this and the sky is so fluid! I think your figure is convincing,it looks great!

  6. Thank you very much,Megha.

    Thanks Arti.

    Prabal - Phd in painting mountains. LoL :)

    Michelle - Thanks for stopping by and for leaving those encouraging comments

    Crystal - Thanks a ton. How have you been? Are the kids better? Know what? I am beginning to miss your longish comments :)

  7. I am the queen of the longish comments! I bet people cringe when they see me hit their blog. I've been good, just kind of stressed lately. Thanks for asking.

    I really like this painting, it's a fav.

  8. I LOVE the road uphill. I think you captured the height of the mountain really well and I love that hiker!

  9. Lindas montanhas! Ficaram perfeitas e bem elaboradas. Parabéns! Saudaçõ